Sheila Suárez de Flores Portfolio


A picture of me in at the Beaux Artes Museum in Dijon, France. Wish I remembered the artist's name. :(

Bienvenue! I am Sheila.

I am an American agile coach, product manager and user experience designer living in Paris France. I have been working with web technologies since my first angelfire site in 2000. Actually even before that on Homestead... with my handcoded Anime fan site.

I am passionate about:

  • learning, collaboration and new experiences
  • Agile methodologies
  • product management, vision and design
  • organizational processes and team management
  • good looking, usable design: logos, user interfaces or otherwise
  • documentation (procedure or technical) and writing, in general
  • standards compliant, semantic and clean code
  • Section 508 compliance/accessibilty
  • mentorship and teaching
  • travel, art, culture, videogames, dance, photography, nature... life in general inspires me

What are you passionate about? Let's collaborate!